Mar 21, 2010

A top ten list - sorta.

This post is going to be random thoughts about things. Little sentences that explain how I feel about life. Words I live by, things my parents taught me, and who I am in a nutshell. A list, for fun. (Like a marathon fortune cookie)

1. A woman doesn't put on makeup when she sets out to love someone, only when she sets out to find someone to love her. Metaphorically, I never wear makeup. It's always better when you expect nothing in return.

2. Dance every day, even if only for a moment - in the dark - alone.

3. Never be a version of yourself. Just be yourself. When you start to tone yourself down for any given situation, you cease being magical. (Unless you are that loud woman that I know who I've started referring to as "Old Yeller." Then please. Tone it down.)

4. Spiritual learning occurs from every direction. Always be nice to those around you, even if they are the choadiest of choads. You learn experientially, so experience everyone.

5. Soar. ((Not sore.)) Never be afraid to fall because you've reached unimaginable heights. Falling doesn't hurt you as much as not trying will.

6. Wake up every morning and smile, the day that you don't wake up thankful and happy is the day you should reassess your situation and adjust accordingly.

7. Meditate on what you have done. Reflection is the key to moving forward through the minefield of life. Reflecting back will give you a map that moves you forward.

8. Apologize. It's always someone's turn to be the asshole. A true friend has probably already forgiven you. If not, at least you made the effort.

9. Love. Send it from your soul in every direction. Send it into the future and the past - the ever flowing mobius strip of the now.

10. Fear has no place in your life or soul. Never play it safe. Never spare yourself from something amazing. If someone tells you that something is a bad idea, remember advice and directions are not the same thing. Let your soul be your pilot - anything from outside of yourself is someone else's reality.

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