Mar 16, 2010

I reject the U.S. Census.

So, I'm doing my civic duty and filling out the U.S. Census... and then I get to question number 8.

"For the purposes of this Census, Hispanic origins are not races."

Then question number 9,

(Check one or more boxes)

American Indian / Alaskan Native

There are even boxes for "GUAMANIAN and CHAMORRO"

So, what box do I mark off? Other? Really? So, U.S. Census - I've decided to mark off every freaking box that's under "race", even Guamanian. According to the writing on the envelope, filling out the Census form is required by law, however no where does it state that you have to fill it out in any way that makes sense.

From now on, I'm part Guamanian, because apparently they're important enough to have their own box.

Suck it Census.

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