Jul 30, 2004

Brian Helbig is awesome. There should be more of him in the world.
Though I must say, Lisa his wife must be a saint to put up with him.

Jul 22, 2004

Katt: women sit around the table and talk until they can solve something
Katt: men get big toys and use them.

all I have to say about the above quote, I want Katt to be President, and I want the entire cabinet to be female. :)
Here is the placeholder for your tribute. :)

Jul 16, 2004

In the category of gross:  Pear juice... Skim Milk... Grape Skin Extract... Raspberry... Blackberry
"Nice, diarrhea in a bottle... for prime effectiveness drink while warm... Jesus, what's the shelf life of that?  Ten seconds?" - Brant Miller (see photo of Brant below)

Jul 14, 2004

And here I am with Weatherman Brant Miller... looking like a gameshow
host... and I his contestant... with a rainbow feather boa..

photo by:David Ratzlaff with Motorola V600 Cameraphone

Jul 13, 2004

Today's message from snapple: Americans on average eat 14 acres of pizza per day.

WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I feel fat now.

ecnirpEVILPERCINFUPPS19997 can come back to leighsa.com now..

Jul 9, 2004

Our get together for Bond Li
Here we are at the Bar with NO NAME!


Bond and Spike!


Steph shootin' pool!