Aug 24, 2008


We are all capable of miracles. Each and every one of us has the capacity to do what every one of the greatest avatars have done, whether they be Jesus or Buddha or Einstein. We all have the ability to engage our true genius. We just have to quiet the mind and listen to the soul. If you shut off your brain long enough, and trust in the voice within you, you can even fly.

Years ago I was creating miracles daily. Some were small and some were extensive, but they were all miracles. If it was as insignificant as going into a candy shop and purchasing a half pound of swedish fish, and knowing when I got to work that I'd bought them for Mary Ann Ahern because she was having a bad day (before ever speaking to her or anyone else). If it was as large as fending off rain when I knew someone was going to be getting married that day. They were constant and ever flowing. I am an angel.

Now, I don't say that I'm an angel to shove it in the face of people. We are ALL angels. It's the knowing that you are one that makes the biggest difference. Most people are genuinely unaware of this. We all have different names for it - culturally. But there were instances where it was so obvious that the people who I would make miracles for would tell me, "oh my God, you're an angel!"

There was this one Thanksgiving in particular. I had just eaten a rather huge meal and was stuffed to the gills. I had absolutely no reason whatsoever to stop and get food. I got off the red line train at Chicago Avenue, right next to the McDonald's and without even thinking about it at all walked right in and right up to the register and without hesitation or looking at the menu ordered. I asked for 4 Happy Meals. 3 cheeseburgers and one chicken nugget - and 3 cokes and 1 sprite. I didn't know immediately who they were for, only that I had ordered them. I paid, somewhere around 14 dollars I believe. As I grabbed the little bags and turned to leave a man entered the McDonald's begging for money.

He came up to me and said, "Please Miss, it's Thanksgiving and I just want to feed my kids."

So I said, "Oh! These must be for you then!"

He looked at me with the most confused look in his eye and said, "I need money, I have some picky eaters, I mean thank you but..."

I cut him off and said, "I know all about your daughter who wanted chicken nuggets, and your son who doesn't like coke, only sprite. I took care of that - and the cheeseburgers all have toys for boys and the chicken nuggets one has a girl toy."

He looked at me with the most confused and scared expression and said, "Who told you to do this?"

I said, "Well sir, God did."

It was the closest thing to the truth that I could muster, truth was no one told me, I just kinda did it and was figuring it out as I went along. The Universe or God or the Collective Consciousness or whatever you want to call it was working through me really. But I figured I should go with what I said lest the man be more freaked out than he already was.

"That's impossible," he replied. "God can't work that way for me."

So I looked at him with sadness in my eyes and said, "Sir, he just did."

I realized then that he didn't have faith at all. I imagine being homeless with 4 kids in tow couldn't exactly help with that. I offered him the last five dollars I had and explained that it was a third of the way to the 4 meals. I explained that the 5 bucks wouldn't get him very far to feeding the 4 kids and that the longer we spoke the colder the food was getting and the hungrier the kids would be. He denied the meals and took the five dollars.

I walked through the doors and found the kids and handed them each their meal. The only one who left that situation unhappy was the father. The kids were happy and eating, and I was happy to make them happy. I walked to work, what else could I do?

Whenever I recall that story, I get teary eyed at his words. "God can't work that way for me." I wonder what could make a person think that The Universe or God or whatever can't conspire to give you everything you need when you need it. What I should have told him was, "He didn't, he worked that way for your kids pendejo."

I've started miracle work again. I'd finally found the switch to quiet my brain and turn my heart and soul back on. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making someone else happy. There is no greater music in the universe than the laughter of another human being. There is no greater artwork than the smile on the face of your fellow man.

Turn off your brains folks, and engage all of your senses. And remember, the pendejo who told you that you only had 5 senses, was only telling you about the ones that are attached to your brain. You have more senses. If you have 5 connected to your brain, think about how many your heart has and how many your soul has. Senses multiply - try to engage the important ones - THOSE are your miracle making senses. They will change the world.

Aug 23, 2008


Since I've been in California there have been all of these water related anomalies occurring around me. I think it's because I really want it to rain.

The weather here is perfect. Well, perfect by most standards. I like rain. I'll correct myself, I LOVE rain. I believe that for my vacations to be perfect there has to be at least one day of torrential downpour or I'm not happy. Here, in Southern California, not a drop from the sky. I realize that's probably the norm here. I'm sure it has something to do with the whole desert thing, and the whole Pacific Ocean thing - but it's pissing me off. In Chicago we have this ritual where we stick a knife in the ground to stop it from raining, I wonder if there is a similar ritual I could do to make it rain. The sky water is illusive. Someone make it rain!

Speaking of which, I've made it rain in someone's hotel room. Let me explain. I had an iPod related catastrophe. Minor on the catastrophe scale, unless you like having your entire music collection with you at all times. Because of the iPod catastrophe, I walked a little over a mile to a Best Buy here in Mission Valley to procure a new one. I couldn't put ALL of my music on it, but at least whatever I had hanging around on the laptop. When I walked back I had to kinda rush - due to a potty emergency. I felt a little schwetty so I thought I'd jump in the tub.

I filled up the tub and listened to my iPod. I sang to myself in the tub while soaking with bubbles and listened to a little Robin Thicke. I was all relaxed when apparently the phone rang and woke up my travel partner who busted into the bathroom with the announcement that it was raining in the hotel room below us. I looked around and the floor of the bathroom was completely dry. I hopped out and got dressed and checked everywhere in the room and not a drop of water on the floor anywhere. The maintenance guy entered the bathroom, and again, nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently, no one knows where the water came from. Somehow I just made it rain.

Then, there was the next day. We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Fun was had. On the way back to the hotel there was an unbelievable amount of traffic. When we were about a half mile off from the hotel I saw what looked to be a geyser or a fountain of some kind. I really thought that the Buckingham fountain was stalking us. I figured I'd missed something and that it was in fact - a fountain and not a geyser. Oh boy was I wrong. Apparently there had been a car accident. The accident had also involved an innocent bystander - a fire hydrant. The hydrant geyser conundrum went on for 9 consecutive hours. Again, rain - but not from the sky and not in any way I was able to enjoy it properly.

Today, we were awakened by a knock on the hotel door.
"You called about some faulty plumbing?" asked the disembodied voice beyond the door.

"No not that I'm aware" I replied.

"I need to check anyway if that's alright" again the voice spoke.

We let him in. There was of course no issues with the plumbing. I hope there isn't some sort of water main problem tomorrow.

I'd really like it to rain. Just once, for maybe 5 or 10 seconds even. Just to get this bad water juju out of the way. I don't know what's going on but my incessant need for rain coupled with the stubbornness of the sky in this region are not being nice to the plumbing. Water wants to listen to me and fall from great heights, but the clouds have another plan entirely. I wish we could all figure this out and come to a compromise. 5 seconds of drizzle? Is that too much to ask?