Jun 5, 2003

Yesterday I had the biggest mistake ever on my watch @ work...
Not Just Once...

But Twice!!!
I should be spanked.

May 20, 2003

Today's messages from snapple (very thirsty today, bought 2)

1) the usual who cares message... A crocodile can't move its tongue. Yeah, this information will come in handy someday.

2) the best message EVER!!! Frogs never drink Is this not the greatest information in the universe? I mean here is some information I might actually be able to USE! Now I know never to invite those frogs out to the bars, they never drink! Or maybe I should invite them out to the bars...cheap dates. Makes you wonder though, here in Chicago there is an establishment called Hugo's Frog Bar, they must not serve drinks. I dunno. Maybe I'm alone here.

May 14, 2003

Today I updated, added some pictures, look below for those. I have also added a link to iSketch. My husband David says that it's my obsession. I just like to play. I think he's jealous cause lately I've been spending more time on iSketch than I've been spending with him. If you are visiting my site, and you haven't been on iSketch, GO NOW!!!

Today's ridiculous snapple message: There are 119 Grooves on the edge of a quarter.

Great, now I have nothing to do when I'm bored. Except play iSketch.
Well, I'm finally getting to posting at least some pictures from my trip to Puerto Rico. There are only 4 to post so far cause my scanner doesn't work and I took more pictures with the film camera than with the digicam.

This is my Nephew...he is the cutest child in the entire universe (until I have my own of course..hehe)

Los Tres Reyes Vagos -- The Three Lazy Kings (Omar, Dad, and Noel respectively)

Why that's me and a vegigante. Old San Juan

This is the view from my grandma's porch, imagine waking up to that every morning!

That's it for the pictures...for now...least this month! *wink*wink*

Apr 15, 2003

I'm back from Puerto Rico and will soon post a bunch of pictures from there. I don't have time to mess with that right now though. I will share the following with you...
Today's message from snapple, "A hummingbird weighs less than a penny." WTF? I am going to start a drink company just so that I can put stupid messages on the underside of the bottle tops. Maybe it won't even BE a drink company, maybe I'll just sell bottles with messages in them.

Apr 1, 2003

Today, I will show the newsroom. Well, maybe I'll show the shell of our former newsroom...in pictures.
This is a picture of construction..what I see if I look to the left while sitting at my desk.

This is the assignment desk

this is more assignment desk

this is the web area

master control N.K.A. transmission
this is the hallway to the set

this is the news set... And that is all for today!

Mar 27, 2003

Today's news outcues...

other cases...not guilty....we'll tell you coming up.....move over....fighting flies..in your personnel...not safe anymore.....worked for supervisors...getting tickets....to him.....snap decisions on this...rebounding end..to drive courteously...going to be fine...look in the mirror...I'm Ron Insana.

kinda poetic doncha think?
I'm sitting here realizing that there just MIGHT be someone out there who wants to see my poetry or my pictures. They are still there, click the appropriate links to get there. Unfortunately, the paintings which were up got deleted by some server crash at the wonderful hosting service that I use.
What is up with Bottle Caps? All my life I've been seeing the following when I open bottles: "Sorry, Try Again" and the even more infamous "This is not a winner". I used to think that was the worst thing one could read when imagining winning a million dollars, or a lifetime supply of a random beverage. I now know that there are worse things than not being a winner...or having to try again. Today, I opened a Snapple bottle and got the following message, "Caller ID is illegal in California". What the hell? Are bottle caps the new fortune cookie? I mean fortune cookie messages are at least fun when you add things to the end like, "Your life is wonderful" IN BED.... But the same doesn't hold true for the bottle cap messages. "Caller ID is illegal in California IN BED" just doesn't ring...

The messages in Nantucket Nectars are even worse than Snapple. I mean who cares what Bob's brother's dog's name is.

Mar 26, 2003

Hello and welcome to my little blogger area. Here I will post things as I see fit, deal with it. If you don't like what you read here, well go somewhere else. Here is a a great website that my hubby and I love to go to... Strongbad Email Nothing interesting has really happened today, well except more TOTAL COVERAGE on the war. If you are into the war, why don't you check out Kevin's Blog... here Well that's it for my first blog. I'm sure I'll get better at this as time goes on.