Mar 12, 2010

Migrating my blog

So, I have to migrate my blog - which means that the likelihood that it'll be down for a while is pretty high. The likelihood that it won't all come back - also high.

I don't mind so much for the stupid posts where I write about snapple bottle caps, or things like "I love this emoticon" from years ago... but the fact that the blog has been active for YEARS now is awesome, the fact that some of it might end up missing is sad.

I am weeping. (Not really, what I am is in a downward spiral of insomnia.)

I like reading through the old posts sometimes and just laughing. It's quite funny to see some of the things that I've said over the years, and wonder - where did that girl go? When you read through the years from then to now, you can truly see that a change took place somewhere along the line.

I think that's pretty awesome.

I hope the migration goes smoothly.
*Fingers crossed*

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