Mar 16, 2010

There is almost nothing worse...

Than being a magnet. I realize that there is something about my aura or personality that makes me one. I've said it before. But why is it always the loneliest person that has to attach themselves? Ugh!

As I was sitting there writing this my friend came up and said that she was thinking about my magnet status as well as hers. She said, "You're a magnet for the crazy, lonely guy/girl who wants to have a conversation for 4 hours." Then she added that she's a magnet for crazy-go-nuts types, and our friend Nikki is a magnet for crazy couples. Now, since the three of us hang out together, our magnetism becomes some sort of trifecta of magnetism and we end up with every nut job within a 4 mile radius wanting to hang out. It's upsetting.

Tonight I was trying to eat a burger when the most talkative dude came up to sit next to me. This guy could monologue for hours on end. He will talk to someone even when it's obvious that they're not listening. Why was the only place to sit - directly next to me? He wasn't there for 5 minutes before the "Radioactive Douchebag" came in and parked himself next to us as well. The thing I have to be most thankful for was that I was literally stopping in to have a burger and then leave. I had things to do and a bed to jump into before midnight, because I'm judging a children's poetry contest in the morning.

Leaving was twice as enjoyable as it would have been because these shit demons were there. So I guess I have that to be thankful for!

I think I need to talk more and listen less, especially when the talkies sit next to me. I should just start rambling on about the dumbest shit I can think of. Although that invites them to the party, doesn't it? I need to think about some way to make myself off-putting. I need to become the shit that I attract somehow.

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