Sep 19, 2005


Stabbed in the face with your knifelike eyes
Bleeding and battered and bruised and despised
Hurting and crawling through all of this mud
my fingers and knees all covered in blood

Crying and tortured - emotionally scarred
Screaming and burning - skin totally charred
Laughed at and mocked - hated and used
Feeling completely mentally abused.

Sick to my stomach every day
I can't even find the words to say
I just can't tell you - can't open my jaws
can't form a sentence not even a clause

Rip off my clothing and toss it to the floor
Treat me like some kind of twisted old whore
Cut me with your silence - beat me with bliss
I can't even fight back, I'm so tired of this.

Step on my shins as you exit the stage
My tears are not sadness, they're liquid rage
They burn down my cheeks as they hit the ground
And beat upon beat they pound and pound

In my head the sound is like some tribal beat
My brain dances something that can't reach my feet
Tum-tuck-tum tum-tuck-tum tum-tuck-tum tuck
I'd reach for a weapon, but don't give a fuck.

-Leighsa 2005