Mar 12, 2010

Astral Projection

Astral projection is something that everyone - yes everyone, even you - can do.

There was this book I read called OBEs for beginners. OBE is the acronym for Out of Body Experience. This book basically states that to astral project you just need to go through constant self-affirmation about it. All day repeat to yourself "I will leave my body today." Or something similar that means something to you. "My soul will travel today and I'll be aware of it." That was my affirmation.

Now, I read this book after having astral projected accidentally - well maybe not accidentally - it was necessary. Read "Bravery-Reposted from Facebook" for one of the instances of necessary OBE. When I was a child I used to do it all the time, but I was unaware of why or what was going on... to me it was just imagination or wishful thinking or a kid being a kid. I thought it was natural.

I read the OBE book after one of my accidental out of body experiences, because I wanted to learn how to control it. Everyone wants control over their spirit, over their soul, over themselves. It's not something that a lot of people attain because the truth is most people are too involved in the minutia of daily life to know that they can do something incredible. But I wanted to do something specific. I wanted to visit Egypt.

So I set out on the instructions in the book. All day long whenever I remembered, I said - often aloud - "My soul will travel today and I'll be aware of it." Awareness in my opinion leads to control.

That night I went home and read a chapter of the book, pausing between sentences to state my new mantra. The chapter was all about the author's understanding of the best way to eject your soul from your body. The author's idea was to somersault out of your body. Now here's where things get funny for this first experience where I was fully in control of the situation.

The idea is that the best time to astral project is either right as you're about to fall asleep, when you are at your most relaxed. The other best time to do it is right before you are fully awake. As you're reaching for the snooze button.

I went to bed, and as I lay down I repeated the mantra once more. I was ├╝ber tired, so I just went for it. I was laying there and closed my eyes and just as I felt like I was going to pass out, I did it. I did a backward somersault out of my body. It took about three tries. Now, the funny thing is that at the time the headboard to my bed was against one of the outer walls of the house that I lived in. I somersaulted out of my body and went straight out that wall and just hovered there staring down - I lived on the second floor. Oddly enough, I'm pretty scared of heights, so I kinda freaked out a little. I somersaulted right back in to my body.

I figured, maybe a backward somersault isn't the right idea... so I somersaulted forward. Then I floated above myself and watched myself sleep. I floated out of the bedroom and around the apartment. My puppy, Mahli, started barking at me. She chased my astral body. I thought it was funny, but had something I wanted to do, so I shot up through the attic, through the roof and floated above the street. Attaching me to my physical body was what looked like a string. I knew by looking at this iridescent thread that I could go anywhere and always get back. I soared through the city. I wanted to go to New Orleans and suddenly - I was there... floating through Cemetery Number One, one of my favorite places in the world. I saw spirits and essences everywhere, with not a hint of anything sinister or evil... everything was beautiful, everything in its place.

I wanted to go back to my body, and suddenly I was there, in the bedroom hovering over myself. Getting back into myself was interesting because I can't even truly describe the feeling. It was like a toilet being flushed in my chest and a whirlpool sucked my spirit back into my body. I couldn't move my body though, and it scared me. I thought, "was I gone too long?" But I relaxed again and slowly opened my eyes.

I suggest that if you haven't tried this, you do. There is nothing more liberating than knowing you're more than your brain and your body. The essence of who you are is real and can exist separately from your physical being. Knowing this puts your life into a whole different perspective. It also helps you understand your place in the universe, and the true nature of your fellow man.

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