Feb 22, 2010

A course in God and Finances

I believe in God. I don't think God is some dude up on a cloud deciding what is right and what's wrong. I believe in God as an observer. To me, God is the Universe. It would be important to note that many people believe that God isn't a mere observer - but God is - as one horrible idiot once claimed himself to be - a decider. I think this has caused so many problems in our society - that is the GLOBAL SOCIETY - that we're in the catastrophic mess we're in now because of this idea.

Religions are mostly fear based. Fear being the opposite of love. I don't think Hate is the opposite of love, why? I love those I hate. Hate almost always begins with love and love is never completely extricated from the emotion of hate. A lot of misdirected emotion stems from fear. The last person I hated - and there are very few people I hate - but to be quite honest.. fear was the cause, hate the effect.

There's a lyric written by someone who I know no longer believes the words to be true... "Your God is inside and for that God you will do whatever it takes - if nothing else is true - the only one that can save you - is you." (PRN) The decider - the one who can give then taketh away - that's not some dude with a long beard on a cloud, it's you. You can manifest anything in your life right now by merely deciding finally that it's yours. Not that you want it, or that it'll be yours someday - by knowing with all you are that it's already yours.

I've heard one too many times people bitching about God. "God gave the Smiths the Lottery winnings, and I go to church every Sunday and God took away my pension in the stock market." I think it's why I don't choose to believe in the "Economic Crisis". People tell us, the masses, things through the news media, (Yes I get the irony, shut up) and we start to panic. In our minds we collectively believe that Oh My God, the sky is falling. So what happens when we all together think the same thing? We bring it about. We cause our own downfall by believing the very shit that a small group of people put out into the world, and the media, including social networks - shit, especially social networks nowadays - spread that shit like nutella on toast.

I decided that in my reality I'd go the other way. I haven't stopped spending money like it's burning a hole in my pocket. I blow a ton of money at my local tavern, and I over tip like I have Oprah bankrolling my drinking habit. Money keeps rolling in for me, there's always food on my table, I'm never broke, and yet I open my wallet and drop bills on the street. Yet others - richer others hold their wallets to their chests like there's a secret inside that would destroy the universe if released. They pinch pennies 'til they bleed the zinc filling. Creating, in their reality, even more scarcity.

Now, I'm not saying that if you make minimum wage you should go and throw your money out the window. But if you want to know how to never have to worry about money, here's the secret. Stop worrying about money.

I have a lot of friends and some family who are currently unemployed. Often other people's insanity when thinking that the sky is falling causes Henny Penny to get clobbered with a chunk of sky even though it's Chicken Little that's the one crying. That's where things get sad. What you believe and cause in your own reality can often slop over into someone else's reality. So to all the business owning Chicken Littles out there, scarcity is a farce. Live a life of abundance and you will help Henny Pennies all over the place. There aren't enough CAT Scan machines out there, and concussions are being handed out like candy on Halloween morning.

Feb 14, 2010

People Watching

A little over a year ago I posted a missive about a man named Emmett R. McBain III. Since then other interesting things have happened however instead of riding the trains and observing people, I've found a new place to do that. People watching has always been something important to me. Without my observations of people, I wouldn't get inspiration to paint. Without it I wouldn't be inspired to write. Mainly though, without it the jigsaw puzzle of my soul would never find the missing pieces.

People watching led me to Emmett McBain III and Tim Harrison and many others. People watching has helped me see just how people act, especially when they think no one is watching them. Worse still is what people do when they KNOW people are watching them. Sad actually.

People watching led me to the scripts I've written for a show that I'd love to actually air one day. Hope it comes true - then maybe you can watch these interesting people too.