Apr 7, 2010

The iPad

So, I'm annoyed that the WiFi at work is down, has been for a couple months, but my 3G service on my iPhone gets around that issue. But now that I bought the WiFi iPad, I want the WiFi back! Sure I'm sitting at a computer and can do all of the things I can on my iPad on an actual computer, but I wanted to play.

At home though, the thing is a dream. I watched a movie on it, 4 hours or more of television, and looked at some photos I hadn't looked at in a long time. I held the Pyramids of Giza in my hands. I watched a movie as I walked around the house. That thing is going to be the thing that makes me never want to leave my bed. Watching movies in bed is awesome, watching them on the iPad is just amazing.

I've been a Mac Addict for years now. I got my first iPod and almost immediately got a macbook pro, then an iMac, and now I've been through many iterations of all of the above. I have Apple TV, and after having it, I don't understand how I went without one for so long. Like the iPod, which when I first was able to carry around every Prince recording at once - not to mention my music library - after about a day I remember thinking, "How did I live without this?" The first time I lost my iPod, I thought, "I can't live without it!" I went on a vacation 2 years ago and my iPod died. I couldn't even wait until the morning to get a new one, I walked 3 miles to get an iPod Mini to hold me over until I could get mine fixed. Yes, I have problems.

My iPhone is like an appendage. I carry it at all times, and unlike the first cellphones I had which were just pains in the ass to me, I can't go anywhere without it. I've actually taken cabs back from work during my lunch hour to get it on days I've forgotten it at home.

Now, I have an iPad. I don't yet think of it as something I can't live without - like my iPod, my iMac, my Apple TV, and my iPhone. But looking at the list - I'm sure that someday soon, I'll totally feel naked without it.

It is awesome. I'm in geek love again. Steve Jobs, you owe me at the very least one of the wheels on your car.

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