Apr 19, 2010


Wow, there are a lot of things happening in my world with my art. Finally. The weird thing is I don't want to exhibit damn near anything I have right now. Truth be told, I want to create for this show. What show? Well, I have a gallery opening on July 1st.

The thing is, that my non-channel 5 world is suddenly flourishing. As though the Universe is trying to tell me that I am - well, more than my job. It's been a slow process of the Universe telling me this. First when I didn't get the job that I've been doing for years now. That was the first sign, that was the Universe saying, "Heifer, really? TV News?" As devastated as I was, I didn't ever truly let it show. Why? Because I'm so much better than that.

So, back to the art of it all. I started work on 2 separate pieces that I think are the same piece. A diptych, if you will. An angel and a demon. Line work. I was inspired by an idea someone threw my way of getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. I started work on a 3rd piece that is pretty dark, it's the skeleton of the Sphinx at Delphi, except I used the bone structure of bat wings. There's lots of rendered smoke. It's looking awesome thus far, at least digitally.

The problem with this show, at least the issue I have with it is this: I need a cohesive collection. My styles are many. I paint what my soul tells me. I can tell a color story - but a stylistically cohesive set - ouch. Granted, I have a lot of pieces that are one style, and a lot that are another style, but they are old to me. They aren't necessarily what I want to say, NOW. I'm in school full time and pretty much working full time, and the thought of painting a whole collection in the couple of months until the show is frightening. But I have ideas. Little ideas that might bring one cohesive collection together.

I started a painting called Vesica Pisces a few months back. I like it and I think that will be part of the collection, as will the Bartender painting. I guess I'll take from that style, and also do prints of some digital art. I'm scared and excited at the same time.

Here's to the rest of my life.

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