Apr 14, 2010


The thing about all these huge earthquakes is how even though we can find prophecies about this very occurrence, there is one underlying fact - history. The Earth changes every several thousand years. If one thinks about the human body our cells recreate themselves and we shed off the old cells making a new human, essentially, constantly. Who you were when you were six, is not who you are now, cellularly - let alone spiritually and mentally.

Picture the Earth is the same. The Earth recreates itself and shakes off what was once on it, in a cycle. Some survive, some do not. One of these recent earthquakes took the Earth off of its axis a full three inches. We continue to spin on the other axis however, and because of this we all go on as though nothing is happening. Tonight 8000 people or more were injured in an earthquake in China. We had Haiti, and Chile too.

I'm not the person who puts negative intention out into the world. When it comes to humankind and the Earth, all I can think of is LOVE and constant circulation of that emotion - that spiritual glow. I believe that something huge is coming for us, spiritually. Our race - the HUMAN race - will come together on a level never before seen. We will unite and be the hive and cease being the individual bees.

This is the only hope we have.
Embrace one another.

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