Apr 20, 2010


I have a couple of friends whose mere presence can inspire some amazing creativity in me. While they will remain nameless, I've written amazing poetry after hanging out with them - not necessarily about them or in reference to them - but something about them wakes up my creative senses. They unblock me in awesome ways. Wow that sounds - um ---->>>>

The other night was no exception. Sitting with them chatting and a third person was there who is not normally was mildly irritating so - I drew on the light of others and started doodling on paper. The corner of an envelope actually. And out of that I've birthed another painting. I have to go get canvas - but yeah - done and done. I actually got the idea for a series of images.

2 posts ago, I was afraid of art. Writing that post took the fear right out of me and I charged ahead with an idea. 1 post ago, I also wrote about art - with a little fear behind it as well - not knowing the direction of the show. Writing these things out helps me rid myself of them - I write, I release, I move forward.

Here's to the Angel/Devil Series. I'm rinsing brushes - NOW.

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