Nov 26, 2006

The Turns Life Takes

This road is a never-ending and constantly winding one. If you aren't careful you'll take a turn too quickly and end up flying off a cliff or flipped over in a ditch. Life is not a pin straight interstate. Life is the scenic route.

There are moments when you'll stop on the tour you're taking to take a picture. You file the photo away in the annals of your mind, get back on the road, and drive on. There are moments you stop at a rest stop and maybe sit at a picnic table and review the photos you've taken along the way. You wonder if the scenery is the same. You wonder if the beautiful park you remember has been paved over and turned into something else.

This road of life has one flaw though. You can't go back.

Sure, you can turn around and revisit the sites. The images of your past are rarely the same, sadly. Makes and models of cars change. Houses and malls and parking lots grow where trees and fields once grew.

You should stop a moment. See if your road is speeding along too quickly. You never know when your engine will fail or stall and wouldn't it be nice to know that the mechanic that once helped fix you - is still available?

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