Nov 21, 2006


Who knew that age regression was as easy as 5 gimlets? I've been drunk and stupid, but I've gotten over it pretty quickly. But last saturday, I went beyond retarded. I regressed to high school, and not just high school, but it was like everything I don't remember being in high school.

The worst part is, I don't even remember how I acted, I only have 3rd party accounts of what I said / did / acted like. It goes beyond anything I've ever remembered myself doing.

Sure, there was the time I fell off a float at the Pride parade and kissed some strange woman, puked all over Sam, and ended up an ad in countless newspapers. And of course there was the time when I was in High School in Puerto Rico that I ended up somehow on the side of the road and had to walk 14 miles back to my house, only to collapse on the front porch because Dad had locked me out.

It scares me that I've never been drunk enough to not even know what I said or if I did anything - wrong, til now.
I've promised myself that I'll never get that way again. Set limits, assign beverage sitters... tell the waiter at the beginning of the night, after 3 I'm cut off, regardless of what I say.

Lucky for me I was with a very safe bunch of people. Lucky for me THEY took care of me and regardless of whatever I said or did made sure I got home safe - made sure that whatever idiotic thing I did / said didn't go far. Lucky for me these people are true friends and can forgive anything I might have said, done, or otherwise... because clearly it's day 4 after the fact and I still can't forgive myself.

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