Nov 22, 2006

I'm so done with Thanksgiving.

First off, I've never been one to believe in celebrating this holiday. Especially since my heritage is mostly born of what happened when the Spaniards invaded the Americas. The worst part of the holiday are my family members. If we're to celebrate it - it's not celebrating Pilgrims and Indians or whatever - but celebrating family. Family, a word that none of mine gets.

1 of them doesn't want to go to the other one's house because there is no tv. The other one doesn't want to go to the other's house because there IS a tv. They can't come to my house because I have to work.... and little do they know that the reason I DO work is to avoid them... ALL of them.

My aunt wants pork. My husband wants turkey. All I ever really end up eating is rice and salad. My cousins never get anywhere on time so we spend hours waiting for one or the other. My grandmother can't show up because now her arthritis has reached her hip and she can't sit on a plane long enough to visit for Thanksgiving. And God forbid we all pack up and head to Florida to make her happy for a holiday.

They should rename it. "A Day to Remember Why You Couldn't Wait to Grow Up and Have a Family of Your Own Day".. little did you know when you got your own family - you'd still have to deal with the extended family as well.

I ordered dinner this year from Boston Market. Whoever doesn't like it can stay at home. I'm done.

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