Dec 11, 2006

God (Part 2)

I wrote about an experience I had on LJ and the experience was such that I needed to have another one of my little "Conversations with God". I wanted to know what was mentally going on in the heads of the people involved. I wanted to know what would make any of what went on something necessary. I wanted to know the mentality of a pissing contest.

God rules sometimes. I start the iPod and I'm expecting some Eminem or some randomness - not sure if I have a song that would help me figure this out. The Fight Club mentality isn't something I'm sure has been translated into musical form, but God is amazing - and out came the following:

Lana drew a picture in school today
One that made her mother cry
a picture of a woman with a drink in her hand
Standing by a child with no eyes
Washington's reaction based upon revenge
Babies blown to kingdom come
Damn the logic - cartoon characters look better when they're on the run
Danny dropped a dime on his girlfriend
He said he didn't wanna go to jail alone
The Seed lives in the same mind with the thought that says
"We all should be stoned"
People looking for angels in the sky
whenever they're broken hearted
Love is grown when seeds are sown
A fire don't burn unless it's started.

Did you ever feel like life is like a penny
In a large room with no light?
A sophisticated mass produced cacophony
of no-win situations that aren't right

Everytime you wake up there's a little motherfucker
Talkin' big stuff in your face
You only get the kind of people that open their mouth
Just to swallow feet.
Welcome to the Rat Race.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love that song. Was looking for lyrics online. Been looking for it forever. Very nice to have your story to join it!