Oct 9, 2008


As it is, some of my notes have been a little too much for people. I've gotten a lot of comments as well as emails, phone calls, and face-to-face talks about the notes. I welcome this, because even the negative commentary gives me hope. The ideas are getting in people's heads and hearts, and that is the only goal here. Not necessarily to make you think, eff that. My goal is to make you feel - make you experience - and maybe, just maybe, make you experiment.

I've spoken of Thirteen Senses. Thirteen Senses is a book by Victor VillaseƱor, but it's not his idea. Many indigenous cultures believe in the 13 senses. He just wrote about them and decided that teaching people how to engage their 13 senses would help heal the world. I like the idea of healing the world - but something about these Thirteen Senses rang true with me. I haven't read ANY of his books fully, yet. I have to, but I can't seem to make the time. I'm going to have to work on that time thing.

The teaching of Thirteen Senses brings us to some senses that don't sound like senses at all. "Time/Space"? "Flying"? What the...? Well, regardless of how weird I think this is - ever since I met Victor and heard about them, I've been engaging them and quite frankly it has been amazing.

So, on to sense number Ten, flying.

I know flight is possible. I astral projected accidentally while on a plane. Believe me, I flew.

Last weekend, I helped a friend move. That morning, before most people were awake, when the neighborhood was quiet, I flew. I flew a bit differently though. I was really sleepy and mildly annoyed at being up as early as I was. It was about 6:40am and I went outside to wait for my friend to pick me up to help with the move. I knew I needed to get beyond the tired feeling. In the state I was in, I wasn't going to help anyone really.

I was in a really whiney state of mind. I started walking around the parking lot next door, kicking pebbles. I'm not doing the emotion justice, so I'll say this: my state of being was like sucking on one of those CRY BABY gum-balls.

Just then a flock of pigeons launched en masse off of the roof of one of the factories near the house. I completely stopped thinking. I got totally out of my head and just watched them fly. The patterns they were flying in and the feel of them was exhilarating. I stood in awe of how great birds are. I focused on one of them and breathed it in. I felt its vibration. I gave myself to that pigeon, essentially. Then suddenly...

I was that pigeon. I was flying with the other pigeons and I could see the rooftops. I could feel the air blowing past my face and I could see myself even, standing in the parking lot looking up. I could feel my wings, and flap them. I dove and danced in the air with the flock. I was having a blast.

My phone rang. Suddenly, I was standing in the parking lot. I was changed. I had become the sweet center of the gum-ball, no longer had any of that sour disposition. (For the record when the gum gets sweet, is when I spit it out) I answered the phone. My friend was there, and we left for the day.

There are many ways to fly. Whether you do it through an out of body experience, or with birds, or in your dreams, or with your heart when someone you love is near you. You can fly. I know you have ALL had an experience flying. While I enjoyed my flight with the birds, and my OBE out of an airplane - it's that last one that is the best flight. Love can give you the best set of wings.

Find it. Get out of yourself. Whether it is with your heart or with your soul. Go out and FLY! Because damn, I guarantee, it's the most amazing you'll feel.

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