Jan 5, 2009

Sports Sunday Sadness.

There is nothing sadder than walking into the studio and realizing that the people you've grown to adore are gone. Going in to work and noting that your favorite stage manager's sunshine won't be making your night brighter, sucks. The guys who have become like brothers, your dysfunctional family, aren't there to mess with. This would not be a week of fruitcake fights.

It was quiet. Too quiet. It was eerily silent, as though a storm were brewing. My favorite Technical Director and Audio Engineer were there to keep me "sane" (whatever that is) but the life had been sucked out of the room.

I missed the crew.

I missed Florida for two reasons, 1) she truly is sunshine and whoever named her after the Sunshine State was a genius. 2) There was no one to abuse. :)

I missed the guys, Ron, Donte, and Jeff for multiple reasons... there was no one to ignore me during a camera meeting. There was no mention of guites on the PL or juice boxes. I didn't get to hear their laughter from the other side of the room while I was locked into my desk to code the show.

Mostly though, I just missed them.

Here's to them and to the Little Guy, whereever he may be.

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