Jan 6, 2009

Bored Beyond Belief

I'm sitting here and can actually count the dust particles in the air. They look like huge snowflakes falling from the lighting grid in the studio. I almost feel like I'm under the influence of some nefarious substance - but I'm not. I'm sober as can be waiting to walk into the control room to direct my show.

It's gotten to be so horrifyingly boring here. Day after day doing the exact same thing. I sit at my desk and watch television for several hours while answering emails, and typing in the computer codes that will make cameras move and video clips roll. Don't get me wrong, I completely ADORE my job, it's just that well... My day is like a tuba concierto. It's fairly monotone and only occasionally is there a high note anymore. Weekdays here at work are like - sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and I'm all out of magazines.

I can barely focus anymore. It took me 12 minutes to code the newscast and the rest of the time I've been distracted by anything that moves. I am currently contemplating making a panda out of origami for one of the producers here. 45 minutes til my show goes on the air. Ugh.

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