May 20, 2010

All things just keep getting better.

Sometimes life is just like a bowl of whipping cream. The bowl has been chilled, there is sugar and a hint of vanilla added, and life starts a whippin'. Next thing you know you're left with this big fluffy white cloud of awesome that tastes amazing. That's what my life is right now. Things are falling into place slowly but surely and I really don't know what to make of it.

I love that I have patience. I love that I can just chill and relax and go with the flow without worrying about the future or where things are going. Who am I kidding? I worry, but I still chill. I'm not into rushing things or jumping the gun, I just sit back and watch life blend and mix and whip, and then I savor.

I need a vacation soonish, however I can't go anywhere until this show is handled in July, then my baby brother is talking about coming for a visit - so we'll have to see about when we can leave. I might go to Hawaii with a friend - just because - hey, it's Hawaii. Who knows, things are happening swiftly and awesomely for me. I shall ride the wave - covered in whipped cream.

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