Aug 5, 2004


A team from hell
Played football
On top of me
and inside
Left me on the street
Access undenied

With the bruises
With the pain
With the guilt
In the rain
Left with divots on my field
Thoughts tackling my brain

In my womb
Another player
In the game the demons played
Spawn I could not live with
Life that could not stay

For several were the father
Not from the one above
No Book can judge my choice
No bible could make me love

I saw him on the ultrasound
The day his life got lost
But nothing can change my decision
No matter what the cost.

I live with what I live with
I'll die with what was done
4 men beat life into me
Not nearly fun.

Would you look into the eyes
Of the child of 4 horsemen
Apocalyptic seed
conceived my life's demon.

Leighsa ©2004

Truth or Dare
I had to dance this time
Knowing that the future of all futures depended
On which way my hips swayed
And how many eyes I could get to stray from their respective lines of gaze
This was the day of days...
The end of certain ways...
Like a book of football plays...
With the pages torn out
Cause the binding was worn out
And no one could remember how to have fun anymore
But the sheets just floated to the floor
creating a path
for players to walk
and they did that all over me
3 older males
raping jail bait
Though I knew it was too late
I had to run this time
Knowing that the future of my future wasn't sure
Cause none of the thoughts in the Blazer were pure
and I more than knew
This was the time of times
The reason God gave me the gift of rhyme
Just one more sign
That no one knew love anymore
But the feelings just floated to the floor
Creating a river
For evil to drown
And they did that all around me.
I had to swim now
Cause there was no other choice
I had used up all my voice
screaming to get away from my own noise
and then I knew that everything was done
I wouldn't call it fun
but then again, would anyone?
With that thought my sadness drifted to the floor
and upon its cushion I lay.
What can I say?
It's something that I live with day to day.
Raped at age 16.

Leighsa 2000

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