Mar 27, 2003

What is up with Bottle Caps? All my life I've been seeing the following when I open bottles: "Sorry, Try Again" and the even more infamous "This is not a winner". I used to think that was the worst thing one could read when imagining winning a million dollars, or a lifetime supply of a random beverage. I now know that there are worse things than not being a winner...or having to try again. Today, I opened a Snapple bottle and got the following message, "Caller ID is illegal in California". What the hell? Are bottle caps the new fortune cookie? I mean fortune cookie messages are at least fun when you add things to the end like, "Your life is wonderful" IN BED.... But the same doesn't hold true for the bottle cap messages. "Caller ID is illegal in California IN BED" just doesn't ring...

The messages in Nantucket Nectars are even worse than Snapple. I mean who cares what Bob's brother's dog's name is.

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