Jun 18, 2010

Enough using other people's words.

So, I've been on this KT Tunstall kick because of the painting. When I paint, I must listen to something that doesn't make me want to do anything else... like dance or sing. While I have sung KT at Karaoke, listening to her doesn't make me want to sing... ever. Something about the song Universe and You though that rings with me like a great big brass bell.

Listening to that song in particular while painting puts me in this place mentally.

"I can feel everything you do, hear everything you say - even when you're miles away - because I am me, the universe, and you."

I get to this place where everything is calm and serene and just makes sense. I am one with the Universe because I am the Universe. I am made of the stuff of stars. Painting aliens and alien landscapes when you are one with the Universe just makes sense. That song does that for me.

The thing is, I like female vocalists. Oddly, I like at least three vocalists that sound relatively similar - and lyrically similar too. Toby Lightman, KT Tunstall, and Jenny Owen Youngs - I don't even know the freaking genre... I guess it's "Rock" but it's kinda not. More blue-eyed soul/adult contemporary? Who knows, who cares.

It's basically music that half of my friend-base would crucify me for listening to if they knew, the other half might dig it though, I am really not sure.

Thing is, I like an assload of music. From Kings X to Zappa... Britney to Christina... Bach to Front (haha). So don't judge me for my lyrical choices in this blog. Know that I'm a poet and therefore poetry inspires me.

Suck it if you don't like it.

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