Feb 14, 2010

People Watching

A little over a year ago I posted a missive about a man named Emmett R. McBain III. Since then other interesting things have happened however instead of riding the trains and observing people, I've found a new place to do that. People watching has always been something important to me. Without my observations of people, I wouldn't get inspiration to paint. Without it I wouldn't be inspired to write. Mainly though, without it the jigsaw puzzle of my soul would never find the missing pieces.

People watching led me to Emmett McBain III and Tim Harrison and many others. People watching has helped me see just how people act, especially when they think no one is watching them. Worse still is what people do when they KNOW people are watching them. Sad actually.

People watching led me to the scripts I've written for a show that I'd love to actually air one day. Hope it comes true - then maybe you can watch these interesting people too.

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