Mar 26, 2009

Death and Letting Go.

When someone is suffering, and for a long period of time... there comes a time where as a family you discuss the possibility of death. You don't do this because you want to. There is the possibility of loss, even if no loss happens. There is a question though.

When people argue about fighting to keep someone here, it's always rather interesting. I always wonder - is it even right to deny an angel among the earth the ability to go back to heaven? If, let's say, your favorite uncle was going to go to Vegas. There was nothing in the way of this but whether you agreed or not. You'd be mortified to deny him the privilege to enjoy Vegas. Why, on Earth would you deny your Uncle the right to return to God?

No one sees it this way. It's always about the suffering or the one event you want them to hang on long enough to see. Or anything that only involves YOU.

Would you stand in front of the gates of Heaven and deny entry to the angels?

Let go.

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