Feb 16, 2009

The Bible.

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" John 13:35

Someone posted this as a comment on one of my entries. I don't know who, but thanks.

To whomever you are, I say this. There are a lot of truths in the Bible. If everyone who read the Bible and held it as their highest truth actually lived that highest truth, things would be extremely different in our society. That goes for every religious text in the world. They all preach the same things. Most of them are based on the same pagan stories. People don't follow them.

I've read a lot of religious texts and not once have been able to finish one. Why? Because my beliefs are tied to a higher place in the Universe than the pages of any book can connect me to. However, all religious texts are beautifully written. There are gems to be found within them, much like that line - John 13:35.

I, however, am not a disciple. I live 'love for one another' every day, however I am not a follower of Jesus. I do not go to church, I do not accept him as my saviour, I do not have a fish on my car, nor a cross in my house. I do not follow Jesus. I live Jesus. Call it blasphemy if you'd like, but I am Jesus. I am a daughter of God, as you are a Son or Daughter of God too. I know I've died and been reborn countless times.

It should be understood that there is nothing separating you from Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, Horus, Mohammad, Mother Theresa...and all of the other Avatars that have come preaching truth or spreading a message. John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Ghandi - they knew this. They too tried to pass that information on - yet it still falls on deaf ears!

Go BE Jesus or any of the aforementioned avatars. And when you do something less than Jesuslike, remember all of these avatars made mistakes too, they all did things that they were less than proud of. Those are the things that haven't been written about. But those mistakes, they are the stuff that betters us.

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Anonymous said...

exactly my point. i couldn't agree with you more. the verse quoted is the exemplification of what i meant.