Aug 24, 2008


We are all capable of miracles. Each and every one of us has the capacity to do what every one of the greatest avatars have done, whether they be Jesus or Buddha or Einstein. We all have the ability to engage our true genius. We just have to quiet the mind and listen to the soul. If you shut off your brain long enough, and trust in the voice within you, you can even fly.

Years ago I was creating miracles daily. Some were small and some were extensive, but they were all miracles. If it was as insignificant as going into a candy shop and purchasing a half pound of swedish fish, and knowing when I got to work that I'd bought them for Mary Ann Ahern because she was having a bad day (before ever speaking to her or anyone else). If it was as large as fending off rain when I knew someone was going to be getting married that day. They were constant and ever flowing. I am an angel.

Now, I don't say that I'm an angel to shove it in the face of people. We are ALL angels. It's the knowing that you are one that makes the biggest difference. Most people are genuinely unaware of this. We all have different names for it - culturally. But there were instances where it was so obvious that the people who I would make miracles for would tell me, "oh my God, you're an angel!"

There was this one Thanksgiving in particular. I had just eaten a rather huge meal and was stuffed to the gills. I had absolutely no reason whatsoever to stop and get food. I got off the red line train at Chicago Avenue, right next to the McDonald's and without even thinking about it at all walked right in and right up to the register and without hesitation or looking at the menu ordered. I asked for 4 Happy Meals. 3 cheeseburgers and one chicken nugget - and 3 cokes and 1 sprite. I didn't know immediately who they were for, only that I had ordered them. I paid, somewhere around 14 dollars I believe. As I grabbed the little bags and turned to leave a man entered the McDonald's begging for money.

He came up to me and said, "Please Miss, it's Thanksgiving and I just want to feed my kids."

So I said, "Oh! These must be for you then!"

He looked at me with the most confused look in his eye and said, "I need money, I have some picky eaters, I mean thank you but..."

I cut him off and said, "I know all about your daughter who wanted chicken nuggets, and your son who doesn't like coke, only sprite. I took care of that - and the cheeseburgers all have toys for boys and the chicken nuggets one has a girl toy."

He looked at me with the most confused and scared expression and said, "Who told you to do this?"

I said, "Well sir, God did."

It was the closest thing to the truth that I could muster, truth was no one told me, I just kinda did it and was figuring it out as I went along. The Universe or God or the Collective Consciousness or whatever you want to call it was working through me really. But I figured I should go with what I said lest the man be more freaked out than he already was.

"That's impossible," he replied. "God can't work that way for me."

So I looked at him with sadness in my eyes and said, "Sir, he just did."

I realized then that he didn't have faith at all. I imagine being homeless with 4 kids in tow couldn't exactly help with that. I offered him the last five dollars I had and explained that it was a third of the way to the 4 meals. I explained that the 5 bucks wouldn't get him very far to feeding the 4 kids and that the longer we spoke the colder the food was getting and the hungrier the kids would be. He denied the meals and took the five dollars.

I walked through the doors and found the kids and handed them each their meal. The only one who left that situation unhappy was the father. The kids were happy and eating, and I was happy to make them happy. I walked to work, what else could I do?

Whenever I recall that story, I get teary eyed at his words. "God can't work that way for me." I wonder what could make a person think that The Universe or God or whatever can't conspire to give you everything you need when you need it. What I should have told him was, "He didn't, he worked that way for your kids pendejo."

I've started miracle work again. I'd finally found the switch to quiet my brain and turn my heart and soul back on. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making someone else happy. There is no greater music in the universe than the laughter of another human being. There is no greater artwork than the smile on the face of your fellow man.

Turn off your brains folks, and engage all of your senses. And remember, the pendejo who told you that you only had 5 senses, was only telling you about the ones that are attached to your brain. You have more senses. If you have 5 connected to your brain, think about how many your heart has and how many your soul has. Senses multiply - try to engage the important ones - THOSE are your miracle making senses. They will change the world.

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