Sep 6, 2006

How many sites can one keep up with?

I have this site. I have TWO forums that are my own. I have some sites that are purely work related. I keep up with an ARG that is so frustrating it truly IS pronounced "arg!" I have 4 blogs I post to. I have a livejournal that I can't even CREATE the page because I'm on all this other crap. I have myspace, and facebook, and flickr. Not to mention a couple chat rooms, yahoo, aol, and msn.

I used to read Natalie Dee's Page and Drew's Page and the marriage of the two regularly. I don't anymore because between emails, chatting, IMing, blogging, and Speaker's blog I don't have the time.

Can I hire someone to be me - just to do the online stuff that I'm responsible for but no longer feel like doing? I mean I DO have some like... um... JOBS. Every week there's a new site that I have to join or start up a page on because the last page is "so played". Can we stop the madness now? We have youtube, we have flickr, we have photobucket, we have myspace, and all that other shit I've mentioned previously... LISTEN UP INTERNET FOLX:


MYSPACE FOLX: I get enough email damnit, I don't need an additional place to check email... I have a blog, I didn't need another one, I have instant messengers and comments on THIS blog... S T O P T H E M A D N E S S!

*Ranting over*

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