Jan 17, 2006

I'm turning thirty this Saturday.

I'm turning thirty this saturday and realized that I'm not ready and here is a list of the reasons why..

*I have a cabbage patch doll that every now and then I purchase clothes for because I feel bad that she wears the same thing all the time.

*I still get excited when a new Mario game is released for the Nintendo system of the month...

*I'd rather watch cartoons than listen to the President/Dictator of the United States speak.

*I prefer a tee-shirt and sneakers to a blazer and heels.

*I find joy in legos and modeling clay.

*I read the Sunday funnies page before I even glimpse at the news section. (Granted this might be a symptom of what I do for a living and not my childish ways)

*I enjoy going to see movies that most other people my age are taking their children to. (Narnia / Chicken Little / Hoodwinked)

And a host of other reasons.

But alas, Saturday I will be thirty. Maybe I'll get a lego set for my birthday... here's hoping!

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